Life-List Travel with Hot Pink YOUniversity is for men, women, friends and couples who...

  • Desire to travel with other cool and fun people!

  • Want to move outside of their self-defined comfort zones and into new adventures

  • Seek the transformation that is possible through travel

  • Want to say a big YES to themselves through the gift of relaxation, good food and new experiences

Travel with Jana Stanfield and Susanna Warren Co-Lead with Hot Pink YOUniversity to India 2015

Jamaican Me Crazy!

Life-List Travel 2017

Join Hot Pink YOUniversity where Reggae Music was born, the sand is white and warm, and the waves invite you to explore!

November 3 to November 9, 2017

6 Nights of Luxury at Secrets St. James, Montego Bay

What Hot Pink Life-Listers will enjoy:

  • Exclusive 30% off of normal rates at Secrets St. James Montego Bay 5-Star hotel when traveling with Hot Pink

  • Unlimited food and drinks at 7 gourmet restaurants on site

  • Beach front access and drink service

  • Plenty of free time to enjoy, rest and create new connections

  • A visit to the waterfalls excursion and visit into town

  • VIP treatment by the resort staff and women of Hot Pink

  • And, much more!

Link to Secrets Montego Bay, St. James

Does not include:

  • Flights to Montego Bay

  • Transfers to the resort, although we can support arrangement of transfer

  • Travel Insurance (highly recommended)

  • Any additional nights, however, Ann can support arranging additional nights at exclusive price

  • Any additional excursions and taxis you may choose to do on your own

Ann Murgatroyd Soe

Jamaican Me Crazy Investment:

$700 deposit per person*

Then, schedule a registration appointment with Ann Murgatroyd-Soe for exclusive pricing at the resort.

Pricing per double occupancy in addition to the above per person deposit: $2274 ($1,137 per person)  Pricing is subject to change based on the best deal through our membership.  *$1,837 per person with deposit to Hot Pink.

Reserve Your Spot Now!

 Why Travel with Hot Pink?:

  • Immediate access to exclusive rates only through Hot Pink
  • We take all the work out of trip planning so that you can sit back and enjoy!
  • Travel can be transformational and create new adventures you never thought possible
  • You get exclusive attention and interaction with the women of Hot Pink
  • New friends, new connections, and opportunities for self-exploration should you desire

What is Life-List Travel?

Life-List Traveling is choosing to live out loud now, not just someday.  We have all heard of bucket lists...what about a Life-List?  A way to live in the now and with intention.  A List of dreams, places to see, people to meet and experiences to explore.  Life-Lists do not have the end in mind: retirement, death or a terminal illness as motivating factors.  The motivation is in living in the moment.  The motivation is living with pleasure.  The motivation is in this life NOW!

Cozumel 2015

Meet the Women of Hot Pink YOUniversity

The Women of Hot Pink YOUniversity

Ann Murgatroyd-Soe and Christie Gause-Bemis, Authors of Ignite Your Life, Live Life with Passion, Purpose and Play, and Co-Creators of Hot Pink YOUniversity.

Two bodacious broads teaching women to live a life they desire now!  As psychotherapists, Ann and Christie have created tools and techniques to take women from overwhelm and disconnect to live out loud and on fire.

As travelers, Ann and Christie (along with Ann's Lover, Joel) traveled with Jana Stanfield's Voluntour Group to Turkey in 2014.  Christie then Co-Lead a trip with Jana Stanfield and Susanna Warren to India in 2015, with Ann and Joel Participating and creating tribe and immersive experiences!  Cozumel in 2015 and Tulum in 2016 were the first Hot Pink exclusive trips, treating participants to 5-star luxury experiences and group connections.  Combining their love of travel, gathering people and forming transformational connections is one of their many passions!

"Some of our greatest transformations have occurred through travel.  You are out of your natural, often auto-pilot life-style, and everything is alive.  When you travel, you are opening yourself to new cultures, new friendships and experiences that you will never have anywhere else.  That is life-list traveling, it is hot and completely plugged into life!" ~Ann and Christie

Tulum 2016

Jamaica is an island country in the Caribbean Sea.  It is 10,990 square kilometers.  Montego Bay is situated on the north coast of Jamaica.  It has numerous beach resorts and popular beaches.  Snorkeling and diving are options in this area of coral reefs.  Typical November temperatures are in the 80s.  A Waterfall excursion will be on the agenda and shopping the markets in town.  Explore the rich culture of the birthplace of Reggae music and the laid back life-style.

Save the Date and travel to Veitnam in Fall 2018!

What are you waiting for?!  Join us!


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